1. I must say it’s weird to see players from your childhood turn into bronze, especially since I haven’t been back to Cooperstown since I was little and everyone on the walls seemed so old.

    Roger Angell’s induction also reminds me at how puzzled I was over sportswriters being in the Hall…. Seemed strange as a kid… a Hall of Fame writer….

    I always knew you’d make it, Frank Thomas.

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  2. Me IRL.

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  6. This is how I feel about the Coke bottles…

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  7. "Check out the remix." - a hip hop lyric that @jmartnyt took literally… Nice work. (at La Bohrer Torium)

  8. You can’t see it, but Frederick Lewis Allen has a pen in one hand and a lit cigarette in the other. Whenever I look at it, I think, ‘You can’t smoke in here, Mr. Allen.’ #historiansofinstagram

  9. hollybailey:

    Brooklyn, 1953 by Louis Stettner


  10. "In short, it feels bad. We’re paid observers of human misery. We go toward bad things, watch people during the worst moments of their lives and hope they’ll talk to us."
    — Peter Nickeas, crime scene reporter

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