1. J: Yes, a drunk anonymous source.
    2. J: #journalism
    3. B: But a good drunk anonymous source!
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  1. See you on the flipside, Libby… (circa 2008)

  3. breathnaigh:

    Elvis Costello’s tour bus, 1978.

  4. This is what happens when you become an UP With Steve regular…. #tvproducersofinstagram

  5. weirdvintage:

    Former NFL player Rosey Grier liked needlepoint.  He wrote a book about it in 1973. (via Dangerous Minds)

    (via weirdvintage)

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  6. I go through so many articles that I don’t notice the bylines unless I’m taking a note. Scrolled up on this one and caught myself before exclaiming in an all quiet room ‘Halberstam!’ Still a rush to see him collecting string, perhaps unwittingly. #historiansofinstagram

  7. theparisreview:

    “I defy any New Yorker with a beating heart not to cry.”

    Sadie Stein remembers the 1986 New York Mets’ video yearbook, A Year to Remember.

    Gary Carter, Ivory Soap…. That’s what did me in.

  8. What’s cooler than being cool?