1. Thinkin it’s Jindal

    1. Given last month’s jobs numbers (the last to be released before Romney’s VP pick) and calls for Romney to explain his economic plan better, he’s going to want more distance from George W. Bush. Hence, you don’t pick Bush’s budget director. Rob Portman.

    2. Washington? N’uh. Paul Ryan.

    3. Romney needs something fresh (see: McCain 2008) that isn’t at the same time desperate (see: McCain 2008). Jindal.

    4. Guy who is trusted by evangelicals but not hated by women. Jindal.

    5. As Buzzfeed reported, Romney plans to rally by attacking hard. Having two white guys doing it is not going to sit well with on the fence voters. Jindal.

    6. Romney likes executives. Jindal.

    7. If Romney’s time in Massachusetts is any indicator, he likes diversity. Jindal.

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